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Sqwishland Seamania Vending Capsules (1-inch) 250 ct



Dive into the original Seamania series from Sqwishland! Our soft, squishy pencil toppers, known for their collectibility, are back with an ocean-themed twist. Explore the underwater world with the Clown Fish, Dolphin, Sea Horse, Orca, and Octopus among the 10 different characters available. Each case includes approximately 250 Seamania squishies, providing plenty of fun for everyone.


Collectible Seamania Characters: Experience the magic of the ocean with these adorable sea creature pencil toppers, perfect for inspiring creativity and imagination.
Soft and Squishy Pencil Toppers: Crafted from soft, squishy rubber, these pencil toppers are not only fun to play with but also make writing or drawing more exciting.
Online Sqwishland Game Code: With every capsule, you get a code to play the new online Sqwishland game for added interactive fun.
Safety Sealed Round Capsules: Each sea creature pencil topper comes in an easy-to-open round capsule with a safety seal, ready to vend.
Easy to Vend: These toy-filled capsules are pre-filled for your convenience, making it quick and simple to load into your bulk vending machine. They are designed to dispense in machines with a 1-inch capsule or gumball vending wheel.
Free Printed Display Card: We include a free printed display card with your purchase to enhance the presentation of your vending machine.
Choking Hazard Warning: This toy mix is intended for bulk vending machines and is not suitable for children under 3 years due to the potential choking hazard.
Stock up your vending machine with the 1.1″ Sqwishland Seamania Toy Filled Round Vending Capsules, and let your customers dive into a world of oceanic fun! Order your set today!

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