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Sqwishland City Vending Capsules (1-inch) 250 ct



Expand your Sqwishland collection with our City Toy Filled Round Vending Capsules! This addition to the popular Sqwishland series introduces exciting new characters including the Parrot, Poodle, Rabbit, Cat, and Gerbil. Each capsule contains a delightful squishy pencil topper, with 10 different characters available in total. The package includes approximately 245 City animals to add to your vending machine collection.


Approximately 245 Capsules: Each case offers a fun mix of around 245 pre-filled toy capsules, ensuring you have a substantial supply for your vending machine.
1″ Vending Wheel Compatibility: These capsules are designed to dispense smoothly in machines with a 1-inch capsule or gumball vending wheel, making them compatible with various machines.
Exciting New Characters: Introduce a fresh collection of characters with the Parrot, Poodle, Rabbit, Cat, and Gerbil from the Sqwishland City series, captivating young customers and encouraging repeat purchases.
Free Printed Display Card Included: Enhance your vending machine’s visual appeal with a vibrant, free printed display card that comes with your purchase, attracting attention and boosting sales.
Safety Sealed Round Capsules: Each squishy city animal pencil topper comes in a safety-sealed round capsule, ensuring the product’s quality, safety, and hygiene.
Glow in the Dark Option: Additionally, these capsules are available in a captivating glow in the dark option, adding an extra element of excitement to your Sqwishland collection.
Choking Hazard Warning: Please note that this toy mix is designed for bulk vending machines and is not suitable for children under 3 years due to potential choking hazards. Ensure proper safety precautions are taken.
Boost your vending machine assortment with the 1.1″ Sqwishland City Toy Filled Round Vending Capsules. With approximately 245 pre-filled capsules per bag, these toys offer convenience, variety, and the opportunity to expand your Sqwishland collection. Order today and join the Sqwishland craze, delighting your customers with these adorable and collectible squishy pencil toppers!

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