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Flamingo Squishies Pencil Toppers Vending Capsules (1 inch) 250 ct


Flamingo Squishies Pencil Toppers in 1-Inch Toy Capsules
Make a fun and squishy addition to your collection with these flamingo-themed pencil toppers. Housed in 1-inch capsules, they add a splash of tropical color to any pencil, offering both entertainment and functionality.

Product Features:
Vibrant Flamingo Squishies: Each capsule contains a brightly colored, squishy flamingo toy, making for a delightful surprise.
Perfect Size: With a size of approximately 1 inch, these flamingo squishies are the perfect fit for pencil toppers.
Assorted Colors: The squishies come in six stylish, tropical colors, adding to their appeal.
Ready to Vend: You’ll receive 250 capsules, ready to vend and ideal for restocking your vending machine quickly and easily.
Free Display: A display card is included free of charge, designed to attract attention and increase sales.
Choking Hazard Warning: These toys are not recommended for children under 3 years of age due to the potential choking hazard.
Add a touch of tropical fun to your vending machine with these squishy Flamingo Pencil Toppers today!

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