ProVend Barrel Candy or Gumball Vending Machine


A traditional style for bulk vending

Our classic ProVend Barrel Candy and Gumball Machine is one of the original machines we offered. This machine features adjustable candy and gumball wheels allowing you to vend candy, nuts, gumballs, bouncy balls, toy capsules, and even animal feed. The ProVend Barrel can easily be mounted to any of our universal vending racks or stands.

You may see a similar machine marketed by other sellers. Understand the difference before purchasing. What is the difference? It’s simple, offers an Exclusive Extended Warranty (see below).  In addition, we combine our machines with our exclusive heavy duty cast iron stands and steel racks. Understand the difference and don’t be fooled by a picture that looks similar.

Machine Features:

  • Exclusive: Extended Warranty (see below)
  • Metal Lid
  • Polycarbonate, shatter-resistant globe
  • All metal drop-thru coin mechanism
    • Can be converted to “Free” spin
    • Set for 25 cent vend
  • ABS Plastic Body
  • Availble Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Pink
  • Includes cash box (plastic tray inside machine)
  • Metal Base

Machine Specifications:

  • Height: 15″ (38.1 cm)
  • Width: 7″ (17.78 cm)
  • Depth: 7″ (17.78 cm)
  • Holds approximately
    • 10-12 lbs. (3.73 kg) candy
    • or 375 1-inch gumballs
  • Holds approximately $150 in quarters
  • Empty Weight: 8 lbs. (3.63 kg)

Will Vend the Following Items

  • Bulk Candy
  • 1 inch Gumballs
  • Nuts (with adjustable candy wheel)
  • 27 mm Bouncy Balls (with gumball wheel)
  • 1 inch Acorn Capsules (with gumball wheel, must remove riser plate)
  • 1 inch Round Toy Capsules (with gumball wheel)
  • Animal Feed (with adjustable candy wheel)

Gumballs, Jawbreakers, Candy, Capsules and Super Bouncy Balls sold separately.
Your choice of adjustable bulk candy wheel or 1-inch (2.54 cm) gumball/capsule wheel. Click Here to see the difference between a candy wheel and gumball wheel.

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