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Paw Patrol and Mega Sticky Mini Crane Mix (550 pcs)



Upgrade your mini cranes, duck cranes, or party favors with our Paw Patrol and Mega Sticky Mini Crane Mix! This exciting mix includes a variety of fun items that are perfect for your vending machines or special events. The mix consists of Mega Sticky Premium Capsules (250 pcs), Paw Patrol Balls (100 pcs), Paw Patrol Rubber Characters (100 pcs), and 100 bubble poppers. With this mix, you’ll have a crowd-pleasing selection that guarantees hours of entertainment!


  • Exciting Variety: The mix includes Mega Sticky Premium Capsules, Paw Patrol Balls, Paw Patrol Rubber Characters, and bubble poppers, ensuring a diverse range of items that appeal to a wide audience.
  • Perfect for Mini Cranes and Duck Cranes: These items are specially designed to fit in mini cranes and duck cranes, making them an ideal choice for operators looking to refresh their machine’s inventory.
  • Party Favor Ready: Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or special event, this mix is perfect for party favors that will delight kids and adults alike.
  • Mini Bubble Poppers: Our mini bubble poppers are sure to be a hit, providing stress relief and sensory fun with their imitation bubble wrap texture.
  • Additional Ducks and Mini Plush Slap Bracelets: With the inclusion of extra ducks and mini plush slap bracelets, this mix offers even more variety and excitement.
  • 550 Pieces per Case: Each case contains 550 pieces, giving you an ample supply to stock your vending machines or party favor bags.
  • Collect Them All: With a diverse selection of items, challenge yourself to collect them all and create a captivating assortment for your customers or guests.
  • Choking Hazard Warning: Please note that this toy mix is intended for bulk vending machines and is not suitable for children under 3 years due to potential choking hazards.
  • Additional Details: Looking for empty toy capsules? You can find 2″ Empty Acorn Capsules available separately.

Elevate your vending experience or special event with the Paw Patrol and Mega Sticky Mini Crane Mix. With its exciting variety and high-quality items, this mix is sure to be a crowd favorite. Order now and provide your customers or guests with endless fun and entertainment!

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