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Nayax Pulse Cable (36-inches)



The VPOS Touch Cable-Pulse Standard is the essential 3-foot connection cable for your VPOS Touch device. Specifically designed to link your VPOS Touch to a compatible machine using Pulse, this cable ensures seamless communication between the two devices.


  • Effortless Connection: The cable enables quick and easy connection between your VPOS Touch and the machine using Pulse, ensuring a reliable and efficient data transfer.
  • Included in VPOS Touch Set: When you choose a Pulse cable type, the VPOS Touch Cable-Pulse Standard is included as part of the VPOS Touch set, providing you with a complete solution for your payment processing needs.

Please note that the VPOS Touch Cable-Pulse Standard is designed specifically for machines using the Pulse protocol and is not compatible with MDB systems. The Pulse protocol and MDB (Multi-Drop Bus) are two different communication protocols used in vending machines. While MDB is a widely adopted standard, Pulse offers additional features and advantages such as enhanced remote management capabilities, expanded payment options, and improved telemetry. If your machine supports Pulse, this cable is the perfect choice to ensure seamless integration with your VPOS Touch device.

Ensure a seamless connection between your VPOS Touch and your Pulse-compatible machine with the VPOS Touch Cable-Pulse Standard (3 Feet/36 inches). Whether you’re setting up a new system or upgrading your existing one, this cable guarantees a reliable and secure connection for smooth transactions. Order now and experience the convenience and efficiency of the VPOS Touch Cable-Pulse Standard!

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