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Duck Erasers Vending Capsules (1-inch) 250 ct


1.1″ Duck Erasers Refill Vending Capsules – 250 ct
Bring a playful touch to your office or school supply collection with our Duck Erasers refill vending capsules. This vibrant mix includes erasers shaped like rubber ducks, available in five lively colors: blue, yellow, white, green, and pink. Both boys and girls will be thrilled to collect all the colors!

Product Features:
Duck-Shaped Erasers: Each 1.1″ capsule contains a rubber duck-shaped eraser in one of five vibrant colors – blue, yellow, white, green, or pink.
Pre-filled Capsules: The set includes 250 pre-filled capsules, making it an easy and efficient refill for your vending machine.
Ready to Vend: These toy-filled capsules are prepared to dispense in machines with a 1-inch capsule or gumball vending wheel.
Free Display Card: Each purchase comes with a complimentary display card, showcasing a sample of the items found in the mix. The display card helps draw more attention to your vending machine.
Choking Hazard Warning: These toy-filled capsules are intended for bulk vending machines and are not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts.
Upgrade your vending machine with these delightful 1.1″ Duck Erasers Refill Vending Capsules today!

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