2 inch Empty Acorn Capsules 2000 ct


2-inch Empty Acorn Capsules 2000 ct

Empty vending capsules for prizes, vending toys, or giveaways in solid colors or assorted color mixes. Buying in bulk allows you to select single colors or mix and match. Each capsule is made to dispense out of 2-inch toy machine but can be used outside of vending as well. We premix the assorted color mixes at our warehouse before shipping. If you order a single color, you’ll receive the bottoms (clear part) and colored lids in separate boxes. This allows you to use what you need and store the rest for later!

Style: Acorn Capsule
Size: 2-inches
QTY: 2000
Colors: Assorted mixes vary but typically have 6 different colors in the mix. See options above for single color options.

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